We are Flex Fleet Mobility: your challenge is our fuel!

FFM is the expert when it comes to car leasing, fleet management and rental cars in Europe. With years of experience in the B2B market, we realize all too well that it is really important for our clients to know with whom they are dealing. Especially when it concerns major, on-going investments and partnerships. Please let us introduce ourselves.

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Balancing supply and demand on an international scale

Flex Fleet Mobility operates on a European level. A big advantage is that we can shift indefinitely between supply and demand in various countries. We always have the latest models and we deliver a service level that literally knows no boundaries. This is how FFM is able to offer mobility services with so much flexibility.

Passion for cars. Easy to do business with.

This is Flex Fleet Mobility: a team of skilled and passionate automotive specialists with an excellent feeling for quality, service, market values ​​and efficiency. We have a heart for cars, but our focus goes to providing a flexible fleet for rental and leasing companies. In short, we deliver a combination of flex and fleet, but different. Better. How can we service you?