The Flex Fleet Mobility way of working

As our name suggests, FFM is all about flexibility. Our services are especially designed for fleet managers, rental and lease companies who are looking for agility in their operation. We can help you with car leasing and rental solutions, but you can also choose to take ownership of the vehicle(s) for a certain period, including guaranteed repurchase.

Our smart buying. Your benefit.

With our EU coverage and smart purchasing strategies, Flex Fleet Mobility is able to make the best offers. Not only that, we make the costs of your fleet transparent and predictable. Our team will calculate your savings immediately. As a result, you know where you stand from the very beginning and never pay too much. Our services are superfast: when the car is in stock or on order, you never have to wait long until the date of delivery.

All types of vehicle, optimal fleet mix.

Attractive pricing, maximum flexibility.

Always cars available, a match for every need.

Easy to do business with, transparency from the outset.

The benefits, not the burdens.

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Trustworthy partnership

When it comes to managing a fleet; Flex Fleet Mobility is your reliable partner for car leasing and rental cars. When you choose FFM, you choose continuity, financial security and fast services. We work with a vast (online) stock and in addition to that, there’s are always new cars on order. You can even put in specific requests for us to order certain types or makes.